40 x 48 Used Collapsible Bulk Containers

40 x 48 Used Bulk Containers

40 x 48 bulk containers are ideal for retail and distribution!

40 x 48 used bulk containers are compatible with the standard size pallet used by the grocery industry and correspond with the 1200mm x 1000mm metric pallet and crate configuration, commonly used in Europe. It's the perfect size for cubing out tractor trailers and seatainers, and is compatible with rack storage systems. This translates into efficient space utilization and cost savings with these reusable and returnable storage crates.

40 x 48 x 34 Used Plastic Bulk Container (Blue)
  • 25 Cubic ft Volume
  • 1500 lb capacity
  • Pallet Base
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40" x 48" Used Bulk Lid
  • Used with 40" x 48" Used Bulk Containers
  • Used for supported stacking
  • Keeps drop doors from opening
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